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At 29 years old, I have been a two-time college graduate, a decorated collegiate student-athlete, a mental health professional with a background in substance abuse and behavioral therapy, a best-selling author of two children's books and national curriculum; a doctoral-level student with a degree focus in Education, and now a declared candidate for Clermont City Council Seat 1. Education is a lifelong process and those who pursue it eagerly, honestly, and earnestly never run out of options of what they can become. 


Our hope for a better future and a more perfect union rests on the shoulders of young people. Our duty then as leaders is to equip and invest into them, all the necessary tools and resources they need to succeed. My commitment to the development of our youth is evident in my independent work as an educator and author; as well as the many boys and girls I mentor within the community. Clermont has grown exponentially since I first moved down from New York City in 2005. The 7-Eleven on Highway 50 and East Ridge High School were the only landmarks I could remember from back then; now, our little city has expanded and is home to nearly 40,000 people. While growth may be inevitable and even beneficial to a community, it is important to me and the residents of this city that we do not lose our special touch. The charm of our city lies in the quaint little town that it is, coupled with the picturesque hills, and the outstanding body of water we are blessed to have. We must do our best to preserve the Lake at Minneola as a natural resource. Clermont's future lies in the hands of young residents like me and I have the grit and experience to represent the future of our city.